Sold [Weekly Genning Requests Thread] February 03, 2019

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    Welcome to the genning requests mega-thread for the week of February 03, 2019! This is the thread to request any Pokemon genned to your specifications. The requesting or offering of legitimate Pokemon in this thread is not allowed.

    How to make a request:

    If you want to purchase genned Pokemon, please first use Pokemon Showdown to create your Pokemon. Once you have your Pokemon with the desired specs, obtain their code by selecting Import/Export while viewing the team in Teambuilder (see here), and paste this into your request comment. You may also wish to include any of the following details below:

    * OT/ID No./TID/SID: * Met location (game,location,level): * Pokerus (Y/N): * Ball: * Ribbons:

    Once you have posted, please wait for a genner to contact you in the thread. You may want to search r/Pokemonexchageref to view any potential genner's reference thread. Please follow all appropriate subreddit rules when negotiating and conducting the exchange.

    How to fulfill a request:

    If you want to fulfill genning requests, please read the following:

    • Do not offer to gen a Pokemon at an insignificantly less price than a user has already offered. For example, if user A offers the service for $2.50, user B should not offer the same service for $2.40. Repeat violations will result in a ban.
    • You should include a price in your initial reply. While not required, this will allow your trade partner to know what to expect. You do not want to go through the effort of genning a Pokemon only to have your buyer refuse the exchange on pricing disagreements.
    • It is highly recommended that you list your available times to trade as soon as you have reached a deal.
    • Creating and linking your r/Pokemonexchangeref reference thread is recommended but not required.
    • All appropriate subreddit rules apply.

    Happy trading!

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