Selling  1-24 Hours War Thunder Powerleveling Account or Vehicles By Lvl 100

Discussion in 'War Thunder Powerleveling Boosting for Sale' started by Jozanicun, 3/24/19.

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    Hello, I am offering you to let me play on your account to level up for you. Wether it is for Silver Lions, Tanks or Planes, maybe even a difficult task you cant manange to fullfill.

    I am a very high lvl player. 3000 hours, 2000 of them counted on my steam account. I am lvl 100, have almost all vehicles in the game = can also play all of them.

    The Payment

    You pay me per hour. I will calculate the most effiicient way of grinding it and offer you the price per hour of grind. Since I am a high lvl player, will it mean, that I get high kill games in short duration of time.
    A premium account will shorten my grind time, but I you are responsible for having it. I can grind without it too, but the grind will take longer. Same goes for having a premium/talisman vehicle or not.
    You can pay me via Paypal, if you dont have that option, we can find a solution.

    The Price is 2.50 Euro per Hour

    So, how does it work?

    You can DM me via Discord: Daddy-sama#4050

    If you already have an account.

    1. You change your current password into a random one that is totally unrelated to your previous one.
    2. You give me the infos of your war thunder account, NOT you email account. This way you always have full controll of everything while I can only access your war thunder account with what you gave me.
    3. I grind what you desire to have. You are the one who chooses the amount of vehicles, RP or SL. It is all your choice.
    4. I grind it. You can always check the progress of my Grinding, when you just access your own account and look it up.
    5. After I am done, do you change your war thunder password again into whatever you want, so I dont have any access anymore.
    6. You're happy with what you have now in such a short time and I am happy with my payment
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