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    For [Epic account only] I'll Boost your Rank in Mobile legends in 1-3Days.
    I am "Daniel Dela Cruz" I don't mind if you search for me on facebook or messenger.

    I played MLBB for almost 3years now and I created a rotation called "Balance" tho, It's not officially used by professional players yet, but me and my squad tried it a lot and it works. I was rank #1 natalia in my country and now I mainly play support for the team and to teach other gamers some basic rotations.

    I am not a Professional Player, but I do have a lot of experience playing MLBB because at first I really tried to be a professional player, but because of my studies and goals for my life I kinda took a break and stop playing and now I am back again with fresh start. also you can search for my account id and it is "11856280".

    I hope I could help you too and If you want me to rank up your account then message me. I could easily boost your way towards epic. I mainly use my 2nd account right now, because I was helping a friend to reach legend and mythical rank, but I guess I wont need it anymore, because right now she's a lot better than me, but anyway I was the one who taught her while playing support and she mainly focus on playing Marksman.

    1. Is my account safe?
    2. Diamonds safe?
    3. Bp safe?
    4. Why is it costly?
    5. Why is it 3days for the delivery?

    1. Of course it is safe, if you cant trust me with your account then let's do it like this.
    I will let you use my Aqw account which has a lot of rare stuffs that I farmed for years.
    2. Yes, it is safe.
    3. Yes, it is
    4. would it be more believable if I tell you that it's because of the time and effort we make by boosting your account?
    if you see someone posting a single dollar for boost then would you believe them? At the least you I boosted your account and we made good benefits for each other.
    5. If you bought online overseas, how many days would it take to receive it? right, 3-7days or even more. Also I am just making sure that I could deliver it to you on time or earlier.


    Check out my Other lists:

    • "Grandmaster rank" to "Epic rank".
    • "Legend rank" to "Mythic rank".
    • "Grandmaster rank" to "Legend rank".
    • "Grandmaster rank" to "Mythic rank".
    • "Master rank" to " Legend rank".
    • "Master rank" to " Mythic rank".

    You might ask me why am I boosting an MLBB account right now,

    It's because I am good at video games and games is what I love doing and also it is quarantine today so I could not get enough money to buy my new phone so that I could stream. Anyway, I hope you like what I am selling. If you like it feel free to give it a try and Message me.
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