Selling  PS4  Europe  Level 1000-2500  Challenger  3000+ [PS4/5] Rank - Master [Pink and Atlantic Mercy, Drziegler,Goat Brigitte,Zen-nakji, Snow Angel] [FA]

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    Before any purchase contact me or you wont be getting account! :)

    Very Special Skins: Pink Mercy, Atlantic All-stars Mercy, Goat Brigitte, Zen-Nakji

    Level:957 ( silver border 3 stars )

    Special Skins: Mercy: Dr.Ziegler - Snow Angel, Nano, Tracer: Graffiti - Slip Stream, Ana: Bastet, Widowmaker: Kerrigan, Baptiste: Combat Medic - Vampire, Bastion: Brick - Over Grown, Genji: Contenders Away - Contenders Home, Junkrat: Inferno, Reinhardt: Bundesadler, Reaper: American - Black Watch Reyes, Pharah: Security chef, Mei: Zhongguo, Soldier 76: Strike Commander Morrison,

    Gold weapons: Mercy, Ana, Lucio, Zenyatta, Baptiste, Ashe, Widowmaker, Symmetra + 4450 comp point to buy another one

    Rank: Master

    Contact me:

    GMAIL: [email protected]
    MOBILE: +1(609)283-5601

    DISCORD: autistic#5653
    INSTAGRAM: autisticogu

    P.S Time wasters and scammers dont even try, price is final and I am not going any lower, serious buyers only!