Sold NBA 2K21 100K MT PS4/5, Xbox One Series S/X Fast Delivery (Read Description)

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    NBA 2K21 MT Plug For PS4/5 & Xbox One, Series S/X

    Good Reviews: I don't scam, I have completed many deals which means I have positive feedback from many customers that I will have no problem showing you.

    BULK Purchase: Message me for a # (500k+)

    Delivery Time Frame: I will deliver within minutes when I’m available

    (10% Auction House TAX IS NOT COVERED)

    Deals will be given for returning customers.

    Prices for PS4/5:

    50K MT: $7

    100k MT: $13

    Prices for Xbox One, Series S/X:

    50k MT: $8

    100k MT: $15


    1. Post 1 RUBY card for each 100k you purchase. (Sapphires or above is fine as well so far, but RUBY's are the safest)

2. 1050 Start Auction Price, if you buy more than 1, post all of them 1050, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

3. 100K Buy it now price (you will receive 90k after 10% auction house tax)

4. Post it for 24 hrs

    5. Take a pic from your auction house and send it to me

    6. Enjoy your MT !!

    Contact Info: (Contact # For a Faster Response)

    Snapchat: The2KMTPlug

    Phone #: 502-281-8709

    Payment Methods: PayPal, Cash App, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Amazon

    I will use Middleman if you cover the middleman tax (10%).

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    Digital Currency Policy:

    • This product is NON-REFUNDABLE after delivery

    • No RETURNS are accepted after delivery

    • The seller will not issue any type of refund or returns after the purchase has been finalized
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