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    Hello, another post of my events and shinies for sale. I have decided to sell a couple more of my rare events because I'd rather have the money right now.

    Rare events

    Trade History​
    Additional Notes
    Strongest Class Single Battle Garchomp​
    /u/Cpt_buzz_lightyear > /u/go4ino > /u/Gjones18 > /u/jaimeg7 > me​
    Picture of event card
    Korean Shiny Genesect​
    blackmarin87 (Naver) > /u/shuael34 > /u/patricpn > me​
    WC proof
    Blue's Pidgeot​
    /u/Cpt_buzz_lightyear > /u/danjandrum > /u/Gjones18 > me​
    KOR Qualifiers Trio​
    Hitmontop: 비비용팝 > /u/shuael34 > me. Liepard/Cresselia: Friend of /u/shuael34 > /u/shuael34 > me​
    $150 for the set (somewhat #)​
    While /u/shuael34 could not remember from whom she obtained the Liepard and Cresselia, she assured me that she was confident of their legitimacy. I will not sell them individually. WC proof for all 3.
    Spring Carnival Garchomp​
    digicharat (Ruliweb) > doodoo > /u/endy1102 > me​
    $125 (somewhat #)​
    WC proof
    Guidebook Mareep and Keldeo​
    Mareep: /u/goehd55 > me, Keldeo: /u/Expo911 > /u/weaponess > me​
    Mareep: $35, Keldeo: $25​
    Both have full picture proof.
    Wonderland Darkrai​
    /u/Rodnazics > me​
    Full picture proof.​

    I also have a self-redeemed Expo gym set with proof I would consider selling. If interested, let me know.



    • Spreadsheet. $1.50 each unless HP, 6 IV, or rare gender ratio. Inquire for individual prices on these Pokemon.

    Can I get a large # since I'm buying multiple Pokemon?

    Probably not.

    Do you use save backups?

    Yes. I also have most of the .pk6 files for these Pokemon. I can share these with you upon purchase. I highly recommend storing the .pk files for your Pokemon some place safe. Either way, I will promptly delete the file after the trade has concluded.

    Are the Pokemon from generations III-VI moved to generation VII?

    No, but I can move them if you want.

    Will you sell any of your other NFT Pokemon in the future?


    Thank you, and happy trading!

    . /u/willster191
    [link] .
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