Selling  Europe  Paladin   Level 50+ Lost Ark Account | 1490 Paladin | 14x alternative T3 | 4x founder pack

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    Central EU server Thirain (relaxed community with many German guilds) 18 character slots (current max); 15 characters at level 50 + 11 character wallpapers (including Founder, Omen and Noble Pool) for 2850 hours of play from Headstart all 4 Founder Packs (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) 15 characters in the compartment expansion fully unlocked T3 card slots for max (510 card slots) unlocked all ships (Rapier as main ship with BiS crew and the ship skin that automatically triggers speed boost) 600 gold crystals and 910 blue crystals for the shop main character is the Paladin, which I play every day since Headstart. It has all the necessary meta-builds and will be included in all Valtan and Vykas HM groups. In the Paladin, I unlocked the storage compartment expansion, all 10 presets for gear, and the 1-3 preset for gems. Paladin also has a pure DPS/Move set. Item level 1490, so you are also prepared for the next HM raid. Also, there are tons of materials in the Paladin. All Honing upgrades up to and including 1370-1415 are unlocked; In general, all upgrades available at Stronghold (lvl. 70) are unlocked.
    never been banned, never contacted support, never drawn negative attention (because I don't normally chat in-game anyway). write me Discord: Jotazarate#4194