Selling  1-48 Hours Latest Qbcore Qbus Server Very Optimised and Compressed Full Support Available.

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    All Things Working.

    FiveM® by - Project RS _ Highly Optimized _ Custom Latest Framework 20-04-2022 23_51_16.png

    Screenshot (14).png

    Screenshot (17).png

    Screenshot (15).png

    Hello Everyone,

    Our server is ready for the sale, we sell the original server and the one who felt this package will continue to get updates every 1 week. Low end can also play in it, in this we have also added a menu of FPS boost. If someone buys our server, then definitely give us information on our Discord server.

    Discord : Berlin#1646

    Discord :

    Server Change Logs

    Latest Qbcore Server

    1. New Multi-character.

    2. New Spawn Selector.

    3. Very Optimised Server.

    4. Only 112 Recourse.

    5. New Mining Job.

    6. New Amazon Job.

    7. New Garbage Job.

    8. New Taxi Job.

    9. New Chicken Job.

    10. New Orange Job.

    11. New Mushroom Job.

    12. Vehicle Rental added.

    13. New banking system.

    14. New ATM system (card support).

    15. New progressbar added.

    16. New Nopixel Style Inventory (css changed).

    17. New Eye-target system added.

    18. New fishing job.

    19. New Tow job.

    20. New recycle.

    New Jobs Coming in few days.

    • Whitelist Jobs

    1. PoliceJob added.

    2. AmbulanceJob Added.

    3. Mechanic Job Added.

    4. Cardealer Job Added.

    5. Luxury Cardealer Job Added.

    6. Doj Job Added.

    7. Real Estate Job Added.

    8. Weazel News Job Added.

    More Jobs Included.

    ••illegal things••

    1. Pickup Weed added.

    2. Cokerun added. 3. Meth added.

    4. Oxyrun added.

    5. Money laundery added.

    6. Hunting Job added.

    7. Cornerselling added.

    8. Bankrobbery added.

    9. Store robbery added.

    10. Truck Robbery added.

    11. Jwellery Robbery added.

    12. Blackjack added.

    13. House Robbery added.

    14. Scrapyard added.

    15. CarTheft added.

    More illegal things added in few days later.
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