Sold [H] Wishmkr Jirachi, Gen 7, 6 Events with proof and ORAS Shiny SR Legends [W] PayPal

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    [FT]: All my pokes are legit they are not cloned or hacked. I don't use JKSM either, I breed them or trade for them on /r/pokemontrades. With Pokebank I can trade in 6th or 7th gen

    • I can farm Whishmaker Jirachi
    • I can do redeems on Pokemon Y, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon
    • On hand 6-5IV pokemon on 1st tab.
    • full Breedables list on 2nd tab I can also breed on 7th gen
    • Shinies and my Omega Ruby SR (Soft reseted) shiny legends on 3rd tab
    • RNG'd pokes on 4th tab (none available right now)
    • Events on 5th tab
    • Gen 5 and under Events on 6th tab
    • 1,503 BP, soo yeah I can get a lot of items. (Gen 6)
    • This is my time

    Click Here For My List Of Pokemon


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