Sold [H] Shinies, Events, etc. (Redeemed Zeraora, Genesect, Shiny Zygarde, Shiny Poipole, GAME...

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    Pokemon for Sale:

    • NA Shiny Zygarde (redeemed Adamant) - 5$
    • NA Zeraora(redeemed Jolly) - 5$
    • NA Shiny Poipole - 4$
    • GAME SPRING2015 Charizard Language Set for 70$
    • Competitive Shinies at 2$/each (base price)
    • More pokemon can be found on this spreadsheet
    • On-hand Shinies
    • Base price for shinies is 2.00$, Buy 3 or more Gen7 Shinies, Get a Gen6 Shiny for free

    For Sale:

    • CUSTOM Gen7 Shinies, Base Price is 3.00. (I can do Hidden Power sets as well). Please see this list for the Egg Moves available (Can now Breed any Pokemon)
    • All On-hand Events - everything is for sale. ask for the price :) (Gen 6 Events can be traded in any game)
    • I can do legitimate breeding of a custom team of pokemon.
    • Visit other parts of the sheet if you want to.


    • Prices don't include paypal fees
    • A payment summary will be given along with my email and price including relevant fees.
    • Please make sure I am available and online before sending any payment so we can avoid any trouble :)
    • I'll send event proofs if I have it
    • Language sets will be sold as Language sets
    • Use this calculator for verifying the fees
    • Please PAY IN USD. The currency might default into PHP, please change it to USD
    • Gen 6 shinies and events that are requested to be traded on Gen 7 games need to be paid for first before transfer.

    My Reference

    • FC: 3411-2661-0814/ IGN: Gaelan (OR), Miller (Moon)

    I have been a trusted trader at /r/pokemontrades for some time now. Reference (FlairHQ).

    Thanks and have a nice day! :)

    . /u/ProjectROXO
    [link] .
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