Sold [H] My entire event collection [W] 120 $ paypal

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    I am u/Tai_Lop3z, a user who traded here from early 2016-late 2018. I was very active on both trades and the exchange.

    I retired event trading last year, and I have no use for these events anymore. Here is the entire sheet (or everything I could find on bank/cartridges.)

    I have lost some proof, but I still have the majority of it linked in the sheet. Some of the events I just couldn't find, and those are crossed out. Greninja is reserved. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    I am looking for 120 $ for everything in the sheet.

    Highlights include

    • PCTB Inkay
    • Untouched Eigakan Regigias
    • PCNY Chansey
    • Various PC events

    I ask that you cover fees too, and that you have some patience. I have a very weak internet connection, and I am a very busy/broke college student. I hope that you will be flexible in finding time to trade.

    Thank you for reading.

    EDIT: I MADE THE SALE. Refer to the trade below. If you would like some of the remaining wifis let me know, but otherwise ignore this post.

    -Tails the hedgehog r

    . /u/Tai_Lop3z
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