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    [svirtual] Hey folks. I moved away from my parent's house and I just had a minor surgery (Nothing risky). For personal reasons, I haven't been active as of lately and today I'm moving on from event collecting. I'm selling everything on my Eventory box. I won't put prices as I will be open to hear offers, however, please take into account that if I feel that an offer is not appropriate for an event, I won't sell.

    Buyer pays fees (international)

    Here is the event box:

    I was not able to bring my 3DS after moving away from my parent's house, so I can only trade through .pk files using PKHeX. Of course, once I have the funds to buy a new 3DS system, I will delete whatever has been sold afterwards. Also, my Porybox might be a bit outdated, so please let me know if you see any issues.

    My Exchange Reference My FlairHQ

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