Sold [H] Codes, RNG Services from Gen(1-2-3-4-5-6-7), HA Bank Balls, Shiny Customized VC...

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    -Gen5- Present Aundino and Hydro Pump Shiny Magikarp.

    -Gen6- PScrap Victini.

    -XD/Colosseum/Channel RNGs.

    -Exclusive Move DW Mons(See Spreadsheet)


    · NA/PAL H/L (All 0,7€ each ). Tapu Bulu Soon

    · Good Nature Mons for LGE or LGP(Mewtwo and Melmetal not included)

    · PAL Redeem + RNG Services[You have to provide the code less for H/L, Zeraora and Lele(That one will cost more than other)]*Cap Pikachus Available

    · Worlds 2018 RNGed Timid 5IVs 0Atk Meloetta. Was redeemed by Shiny_Sylveon using checkpoint to access to my Save data file and do the event. Trade, WC and RNG Proof Pics.

    · Colosseum/Channel Jirachi,Ageto Celebi: Dolphin Emulator + VBA-M + Ruby/Sapphire Save Files. Will be Random Nature for now.

    · RNG Service from Gen1/2/3/4/5/7. Mons will be proofed and you can choose the OT of mons (Gen1-5/7), also you can ask for different types of RNG that isn’t listed.

    -Gen3(Emerald/FRLG): Visual Boy Advance Emulator + Lua Scripts + RNG Reporter. Mons Available: Legends /Gifts/Safari/Wild/Game Corner/Starters/Breedjects.

    -Gen4(HGSS/Platinum): Desmume Emulator + Lua Scripts + RNG Reporter. Mons Available: Legends/Events(Regis/Sinjoh Ruins)/Gifts/Starters/Wild/Game Corner/Breedjects. *Any other method is available but I'll need time to learn how RNG works.

    -Gen5(BW/BW2): Desmume Emulator + Lua Scripts + RNG Reporter. Mons Available: Dream Radar Legends(Less Palkia)/Wild. *Entree Forest for DW Mons is available but you have to provide the save with Legit Mons

    -Gen6(XY/ORAS): NTR + PCalc + 3DS RNG Tool. Mons Available: Breedjects. Stacionary Legends(I can learn how to do it)

    -Gen7(USUM): NTR + PCalc + 3DS RNG Tool. Mons Available: Wormhole Legends/UBs(Wild Included), Stacionary Legends, Gift Pokémon and Breedjects.

    -Gen1/2(Y/S/C): NTR+PCalc+3DS RNG Tool. Mons Available: Legends/Gifts and Breedjects(Only Gen2). *RNG Service only for IVs(On Poketransporter), Nature is determined by experience and Shiny Breeding is Available(With Glitched Shiny Ditto + Debug Menu for Speed Up).

    I'll use PkHex to transfer Mons(Less Gen1-2) to Gen6/7 to be faster, if you want legit transfere I can do it due to I have original Cartridges. You can for ask Nature, Shiny, Hidden Power and IVs and Tutor/Egg Moves.

    · RNGed Dittos Available:

    -You can ask for any IVs Spread and any Nature.

    -TAGs available: ENG-SPA-JPN(The last 2 will have SS of PkHex for IVs/PID summary due to I don’t have Special Lua Scripts for that languages to view party/wild summary on emulator)

    -Games used are HG/White for all.

    Spreadsheet with all LF/FT:


    . /u/VictyLusi
    [link] .
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