Sold GTA V Account Boost - Custom LVL - Up to 2bil Cash - STEAM ONLY

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    Recommended Level: 1-1000 (more = more risky) anything 500 or less is the safest
    Recommended Money: Up to 2bil (more money = more risky) you realistically won't use more than 1bil. I personally have not used more than 500mil on any accounts(and I have no bans so far)

    Requirements for Completion: You will need to provide login info for steam, and if you have mobile authenticator, the temporary code for me to log in. I recommend changing your password before and/or after the boost is complete for safety purposes.
    I am not responsible for stolen accounts.
    I will take longer depending on my availability, but I will respond at most 12 hours after purchase.

    Note: This is a very safe method, but Bans do still occur. However unlikely, I am not responsible for your account being banned, although I have never run into this issue, it can still happen.

    If you have questions, please leave it in the comments. Currently, I am only selling through PlayerUp's Middleman service for safety purposes. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.