Selling  Europe  60+  High End Character(s) GameZBD EU hardcapped damage build endgame account + original email included

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    got full maxed out boss weapons for Sorc - DK and Kunoichi so 3 maxed out classes. hardcapped account.
    TET Lebraksa helmet which puts the dp at 407 now
    PEN fallen god armor
    Accessories upgraded with crit buffs and belt with AP buff
    has 18b liquid silver on the central market
    + Pegasus and Unicorn fully maxed out levels and skills.
    Journals fully complete including the kzarka questline for 1AP
    includes a few arsha weapon skins (15euros on the gamez webshop each + le orzeca outfits 10euros on webshop each)
    + as i mentioned the original email is included.

    characters the account has -

    ninja level 66 max SP
    kuno level 66 max SP
    sorc level 66 max SP
    archer level 66 max SP
    DK level 66 max SP
    warrior level 66 max SP
    valk level 66 max SP
    sage level 66 max SP
    nova level 66 max SP

    guardian, maehwa, musa and more are levels 63-65 but SP wise all maxed out.

    price is 170euros, buyer pays MM fee.

    Screenshots -
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