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    Hi, starting this fusion service. I realize that some people are reluctant to do this and may hoard to various degrees, this is to help you actualize your current potential in the food department, and for me to get some game funds.

    Basing it off 4* fusions, I'll fuse 6*, 9* and 10* as well as part of the fusion process.
    10k 4* shards = 10$ (333 4 ->5* fusions)
    20k = 20$ (666)
    30k = 30$ (1k)

    I'll listen to what you wish to keep as non food and can work for new avatars.

    This preliminary pricing will be subject to adjustment once I have a more real estimate on the time it takes me to perform these fusions.

    Can stream on request.

    Payment through paypal
    I'll ask you to set a password only for this transaction, then you can set it back to whatever you had before
    Discord: Aveigel#8856
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