Selling  1-24 Hours Esx tk selldrugs

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    • Features
    • Well-optimized
      • 0.01ms | Idle
      • 0.01ms - 0.08ms | In usage
    • Uses FiveM asset escrow system, but the code is not obfuscated and you can edit everything inside
    • Tested with ESX V1 Final, but should work with all ESX version, if not you can always contact me
    • Highly customizable
      • Change police alert chance
      • Change NPC robbing you chance
      • Add as many drugs as you want
      • Change the amount of police needed to sell drugs
      • & much more
    • Player selects a drug and gives a price
    • NPC will give a counter offer if asked price is not higher than set in config
      • The amount of drugs NPC will buy is random
      • The price will be lower than the player’s price
    • Player can accept or deny the NPCs offer
    • NPCs will buy less amount drugs if the price is higher and are less likely to buy drugs if the price is higher
    • NPCs will buy more drugs if the price is lower and are more likely to buy drugs if the price is lower
    • NPCs have a configurable chance of calling the cops, which includes an animation
    • NPCs can rob the player (also configurable)
    • Can’t sell to the same NPC after selling to them once
    • [NEW] Simple mode: When turned on, NPC will just offer a random amount of money between two values you have set in the config

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