Selling  1-48 Hours Budget Power Leveling and more!

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    Are you on a budget yet want to be a top AQW player immediately? Look no more as you're in the right place!

    --> Budget Power Leveling + Class Points to Rank 10 = $15 or under! We can negotiate the price if your budget is tight!


    Do you want the strongest free class in-game? Mobs and Bosses alike will simply be decimated by the VHL!

    --> Void HighLord Farm = A Reasonable Price of $30 or above which is already a low-cost buy. Most boosters even asks for at least $40 to $60+ for a VHL farm regardless of the reagents. We can negotiate the price depending on the amount of Nulgath Reagents that you have. This'll take a while :)


    Want to farm Legion Tokens? I got you!
    Requirements: Undead Champion Armor, be in Dage's Legion, or, the Shogun Paragon Pet, if you have it, (it will Maximize the number of Legion Token that you can get!)

    --> 150 to 200+ Legion Tokens per hour of farming without the Shogun Paragon Pet. But if you have the pet then I can make sure that you can get a whole lot more!
    Price = We can discuss the cost as its always #.


    ArchPaladin Class!

    --> Too overrated in my opinion. The class is hella hard to farm, BUT, it is a good class and I at least rate it as an above-average class, just a tier lower than VHL.
    Price = At least $20, I can lower it depending on the amount of the quests that you have completed. Don't worry, we can always work around your budget.

    Shadowscythe General Class(An Insane PVP Class)
    --> This one is pretty tricky because of the abysmal 3% drop rate of the item "Shadow shield" which is required to merge the class. You need 100 of them. I personally took 27+ hours to get that number of Shadow shields and complete the class. However, this is already very good since most people take at least a few days up to a week. This all depends on one's luck.
    Price = $15 to $20 depending on your current number of "Shadow Shield"

    Reputation Farm

    The Reps that I will ONLY farm are of the following:
    $5 to $10 Each Rep depending on your current Reputation Rank. Reaching Rank 10 will take at least a few days or a week at max depending on the current rank of the Rep.

    • Arcangrove (Shaman Classes)
    • Brightoak
    • Mythsong
    • Eternal (Eternal Interventionist Class)
    • Chaos (Chaos Slayer Class)
    • Good
    • Dreadrock
    • Ravenloss (Arachnomancer Class)
    • Mysterious Dungeon
    • Embersea (Blaze Binder)
    • Etherstorm (Eternal Dracomancer)

    And finally, the Blade of Awe! REEEEEEE! I hate farming this!!!!!!!
    Fixed price of $25 to $30!

    My Blade of Awe took almost 3 weeks to complete! The drop rate of 0.05% of the quest Runes Found! is simply abysmal. Others even take at least a minimum of a month due to the horrendous drop rate which is absolute dog fart! I killed both Escherion and Tibicenias more than 500 times each yet the quest item still didn't drop.
    *Sigh* This will simply be a matter of luck.

    You can also request something that you would like me to farm and we'll see if we can make it happen.

    Payment methods: Paypal or Paysafecard.
    We can always negotiate the price around your budget!

    If you are interested then please add me on discord: KingoftheWorld#0933
    You can also email me at: [email protected]
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