Selling    Base in 311 b27 a very strong base with a little skill 600 doller

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    Power is 764,913,287
    Tech Power 27,891,637,
    USB 5,249,000,
    Hero Power 47,651,705.
    19 emigrate tickets,
    5 baneblades ,
    apc 1 Fall Raven beast Thunder max,
    apc 2 the Letter Gen sp Hero Cannon flash , unfortunately the sp Hero is not max picture is attached flash Cannon max,
    apc 3 Tuner cylcone night max,
    apc 4 kungfu Angle mech max,
    defense siren Scorpion Dawn 3S max. new Hero loan roamor, Skill 6 is available.o the heroes all sp are not max, the technology heroes are both missing, outlaw and wanderer are missing. the other heroes should actually max at least not know that one is missing
    mech 1 level 53
    mech 2 and 3 are 40 ,
    mech 4 is 20 ,
    mech 5 does not exist. I've attached pics of the guns.
    Hero Equipment:
    2 star gear i have 8x,
    1 star gear i have 3x
    and normal gold gear i have 42x,
    the base has 2m t10 infantry , 1.7m shooter t10 and 2.6m kava t10,
    i stopped playing 4 weeks ago that's why i don't have a t11, i have battle mech skin y and the icecastle skin, for Cars i still have the predator skin, as well as the ice phoenix for the base, my dd level is something over 143, Account have a Email But i am done with this ******* Game so i never Play this love you Game :)
    i only want 600 doller
    Screenshot_20230519-201423.png Screenshot_20230519-201427.png Screenshot_20230519-201429.png Screenshot_20230519-201432.png Screenshot_20230519-203529.png Screenshot_20230519-203729.png Screenshot_20230519-203948.png Screenshot_20230519-201006.png i have PayPal