Selling  50k exp. Any nation, Tanks / Helicopters / Aircraft

Discussion in 'War Thunder Powerleveling Boosting for Sale' started by PoliteProvider, 3/25/22.

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    Hello, sir!

    Bored to farm expirince? Wanna go some really strong vehicle or aircraft, but it seems to be a really long way to it? Started new nation and wanna skip First ranks?

    So our team offers to make it instead of you. We are quite skilled team, full of cybersportsman, you can check our statistics at screens. And we are quite fast.

    Lot details:
    1 lot = 50k of expirince farmed.

    1) You have to have Premium account
    2) You have to have Premium tank -1 era from target or higher!
    If you don't have 1 or 2, then We will have to raise price x2 times.
    If you don't have both 1 and 2, then We will have to raise price x4 times. (do it just buying more pieces/lots)
    But anyway, all orders are discussible and unique, so do not hesitate to contact and ask me about anything you wanna!

    Time needed - usually we asking a day for each 200k experience needed to be farm, plus day in case of some surprizes.

    Before data sharing we will ask to turn off 2-f auth!

    We do not boosting steam WT accs!!!

    Screenshots of our team:
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Thread Status:
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