Selling  1-72 Hours 2013 Level 85 and MAX GOLD and 76 classes including VHL and one calendar class

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    [​IMG] Blinding Light of Destiny and a lot of differents BLoD
    The first 2009 Red Naval Commander
    Toxic Bloodletters, Loveletters, Icy Bloodletters and a few more Bloodletters
    Evolved Shadow Spear of Nulgath
    Almost all Juggernault items of nulgath
    A lot of items to do the Nulgath's quest like Gems, Diamonds, Tainted, etc.
    A lot of Naval Commanders
    Membership Active + 3k ACS
    Legion Castle, Paragon pet to get Legion tokens, 17,625k of Legion tokens
    Love Caster, Shadowed Dark Caster, Eternal Dark Caster, Eternal Dark Caster X, Ultimate Dark Caster
    DragonBlade of Nulgath, LEDragonblade, Cyberfiend Set complete
    Caladbolg and Dual Caladbolg
    Evolved Legion Vampire, Onyx, Robed Evolved and Shadow Legion Vampire(Full Evolved and Shadow Set)
    Guardian Class from the original AQ(Battleon)
    With E-MAIL and Artix Account
    Screenshot by Lightshot Love Outfit on
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