Sold 2008 AQW Account - Level 100 - Dage and Nulgath Fan - Heromart - Hardcore - Rares

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  1. Suzanne Schulz

    Suzanne Schulz
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    Photos of the account displayed in my IMGUR Account:

    • Twilly Treasure Chest Rewards + Treasure Map Rewards: Collected
    • Wheel of Doom Rewards + Wheel of Fortune Rewards: Collected
    • Nulgath Juggernaut + Dage Merge Shop: Collected
    • Ultra Rare Nulgath items + Utra Rare Dage Items Collected
    • Naval Commander Collection with few more in Buy Back
    • Heromart: NOT A MOD + 2018 Calendar
    Artix Portal: Available
    OG Email: Available
    Gender : Female Changeable / 2109 Ac's Available
    Bag Space: 120
    Bank Space: 40

    Contact me through Email for questions: [email protected]
    Payment Method: Paypal

    Serious Buyer Only Please.
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